Senior Photography

Seniors this shoot is all about you and your unique style. Have an amazing time picking out some outfits that really shows who you are. We plan to make all your friends envious of the experience you had with Vern Jen Photography.

We at Vern Jen Photography want to get to know you as a person and have a wonderful time making your photos all about you. We at Vern Jen Photography want "To capture your special moments and make memories that will last a life time"



Senior Collections

Hunter / Southmoore High School / Class of  2015

I've known this young lady every since she was a baby. She was such a shy little lady and now she's all grown up. Hunter is a freshman at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma majoring in engineering. I know she will be successful. You did an amazing senior shoot  Hunter, and good luck in pursuing your career. Thank you for letting us be your senior photographer.





reid / Southmoore High School / Class of 2014

Reid is the most easy going awesome young man, who made his senior session a blast! He is a fantastic swimmer, and will be soon starting his Freshman year at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. We are so excited for him. Have a great year Reid,  And thanks for letting us be a part of your Senior year.





Rachel / Westmoore High School / Class of 2012

Rachel is not just a pretty face, but a real smartie, too. She will be attending Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City majoring in sign Interpreter for the deaf. We know she will be very successful. Thank you Rachel for letting us be your senior photographer.





Andrew / Southmoore High School / Class of 2014

What a fabulous shoot I had with Andrew. He is one of the most humble guys that you will ever meet, Andrew was so easy going, and as the photo shoot progressed he got more comfortable, Andrew rocked his poses as you can tell in his photos. Thank you for letting us shoot your senior year.





Sarah / Newcastle High School / class of 2016

I totally love my job, and how could I not, having all of these great seniors. It was great working with Sarah to capture her senior portraits. She made her shoot look so easy, rocking it down in Bricktown. She has a smile that lights up her face.. Thank you Sarah,  for booking your senior portraits with us.





micah / westmoore High School / Class of 2016

I truly think that I am one of the most blessed senior photographers because I get nothing, but GREAT seniors to shoot. Micah was so calm and relaxed in shooting her portraits. I have to say her sitting in this gold chair in her cap and gown is one of my favorite shots of Micah. Micah will be attending Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) in Oklahoma City, applying for her RN nursing program in April for the fall semester of 2017. We salute you Micah and all of our great seniors. Thank you for letting us be your senior photographer.





Garrett / Westmoore High School / Class of 2016

Garrett was an excellent cross country runner for Westmoore track, he's heading to the Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma, majoring in biochemistry. It has been a blessing to see God work through Garrett and to see how much he has grown. Garrett thank you very much, Good luck and God bless you. We're glad you chose us to be your senior photographer.





Taylor / Choctaw High School / Class of 2017

Here's another one of my friends kids that I've watched grow up around the fire station. I've known Taylor every since he was a little kid. Taylor is attending EOC ( Eastern Oklahoma County) Vo-Tech Fire Academy in Choctaw, Oklahoma. Studying EMT ( Emergency Medical Technician). After graduation Taylor will be applying to several fire departments in the metro, and become a firefighter like his dad. 





Luke / Norman High School / Class of 2017

Luke graduated from Norman High School. Luke was in the Native American Club and completed the computer networking and repair program at Moore-Norman Technology Center. Luke will be attending college this fall at Oklahoma City Community College in Oklahoma City.




Jalen / Norman North High School / Class of 2018

Jalen is a graduate from Norman North High School. Jalen will be attending OCCC (Oklahoma City Community College) for his basics. also his further studies will be at the Moore / Norman Vo-tech for Digital Video Production, then transferring to IAIA, a Native American Fine Arts school for film. Congratulation Jalen and Good Luck.


We're still building our portfolio of beautiful senior portraits and photos. Check back later for senior pictures here.

We would love to be your Senior photographer, Email us, and we'll get your Senior Collection scheduled!








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